About Us

Our name is Shaftesbury Road Christadelphians. We are a group of believers in the Bible who meet together in Burwood – a suburb in the inner west area of Sydney, Australia, We form part of the worldwide Christadelphian community that has worshipped God under this name for over 150 years.

The word Christadelphian means a brother (and sister) in Christ. The Christadelphians believe that the Bible is the only place where we can discover God’s message to all mankind. Our goal is to use Jesus Christ’s example to guide our daily lives. We believe that he will return to establish God’s kingdom on earth.

Meeting times

Sunday School Sunday 9:20 am
Reading Circle Sunday 9:20 am
Memorial Meeting Sunday 11:00 am
Spoken English Class Sunday 6:00 pm
Bible Friendship Group Wednesday 10:30 am
Bible Class Wednesday 7:30 pm

All times Australian Eastern Standard time.

Zoom meetings

The Bible Friendship Group and Bible Class are currently not held at the church hall but rather by Zoom. For information on how you can join these classes (via Zoom) please send an email to the email address below. You are welcome to join our Zoom meetings, no matter where you live in the world.

The Spoken English Class is held at the church hall but can also be attended by Zoom.

Contact Information

Street address: 86A Shaftesbury Road (cnr Paisley Roads) Burwood. Sydney, Australia.
Phone: +61 421 357 392
Email: shaftesburyrd@aace.info
Facebook: Shaftesbury-Road-Christadelphian (or click “f” at top right corner of this page)

Directions for public transport

Public transport websites:
General information https://transportnsw.info/
This site has a full map of the railway network.

Directions for coming from the city:
At Central train station, take the train heading west on any of the following train lines:
Northern line, North shore & western line, South line, Inner west line.
The train will pass through the following stations –
Redfern, Newtown, Stanmore, Petersham, Lewisham, Summer Hill, Ashfield, Croydon, Burwood.
Alight from the train at Burwood train station. The map shows how to travel from the train station to the church hall.

More Detailed Information

The following list of pages gives more detailed information about Shaftesbury Road ecclesia. To access the detailed pages, please click on “About us” on the upper menu bar.

General information

Explains what is an ecclesia and what its purpose is.

Ecclesial aspirations

Explains what the ecclesia aspires to as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Summary of our beliefs

This page lists out our key beliefs. These are central to our life in Christ.

Care and welfare

Individuals as members of the ecclesia have an important role in being aware of the needs of their fellow members of the ecclesia.

Spoken English Class

On Sunday evenings we conduct a spoken English Program based on the Bible.

Bible Friendship Group

Every Wednesday morning at 10:30 am we have discussion around various topics in the Bible. It is a good time to learn about the Bible in more detail. The classes are open to discussion so questions are welcomed.

Memorial meeting

Every Sunday morning at 11:00 am we meet in our hall to remember Jesus. We call this the memorial meeting. A memorial is a way of reminding yourself of a person or event.

Sunday School

The encouragement and teaching of the young, particularly the children of believers, is a important responsibility. It is the parent’s duty and privilege to bring up children “in the training and instruction of the Lord”. (Ephesians 6:4). The Sunday School caters for children of all ages – it is made up of children from the age of four through to young adults.

Bible Class

The Bible class is a study session where we learn more about the Bible. It represents an excellent opportunity to deepen the understanding of God’s message to us in the Bible. It also is designed to ensure that our grounding in the Christian life is kept strong.

Youth Group

The youth group can provide a worthwhile opportunity for young people to meet each other, receive sound teaching and talk and socialise together. The youth group has a central committee made up of young people who decide on what activities the young people do.

Other activities

Other activities include preaching to the Burwood Festival and enjoying a weekend together at a Family Camp.

Each year, the ecclesia has a stand at the Burwood Festival. We use it to tell the people of the Burwood community about God and the Bible.

Each year the ecclesia leaves Sydney for the weekend and enjoy the refreshing time of study, fellowship and relaxation together. The weekend is made up of Bible talks, social activities, talking to other members of the ecclesia (and non-member friends) and enjoying meals together.