Who is God? Why Believe in Him?

In other lessons we have looked at the book called the Bible. God wrote the Bible. Who is God? What does the Bible tell us about Him?

We have all seen a baby. A baby is a helpless creature. A baby will die if there is no one to care for it. All babies need a mother to care for them. We remember how our mother and father cared for us until we were old enough to live on our own.

No matter how old we are, we always feel that we need someone to care for us. We need a god, that is someone to worship, someone to serve. All people feel this way. Sometimes, people do not worship the right things.

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Some people have worshipped the sun, the moon, or the stars. They look into the sky and see these great things, and think, “I will serve them. They will look after me.” Other people worship statues made of wood, stone or metal. Others worship the government, a strong leader or a king.

God tells us that we should worship only Him, and no other. Turn to Exodus 20:3 and 4. God says that we are to worship Him alone, and that we are not to make any other thing to worship. Turn to Deuteronomy 6:4 and 5.

Turn to Isaiah 45 and read what God says about Himself in verses 5, 6 and 7. These verses tell us a lot about God. He is the only God, so we do not have to worry about anything else. God is in control. He sees everything and knows everything because He made everything.

If you have time, you could read the first chapter in the Bible, Genesis 1. Genesis 1 tells how God made the world.

What is God?

We do not know what God looks like. If we did, there would be people who might make a copy of God — a statue. People might worship the statue instead of God. The Bible tells us that people are made in the likeness of God. This is the same as you are in the likeness of your mother and father.

Where is God?

God can be anywhere at any time. We know that to be somewhere we have to move there, and it takes time to move. God does not have this problem. The Bible tells us that God lives in a place called heaven. We do not know where heaven is. We cannot see it. It does not matter. We know that God sees everything, and that He will always hear if we call Him.

Can we see God?

We cannot see God with our eyes. We have to believe that He is there. Men and women have disobeyed God’s laws, and so God cannot let us see Him. There will be a time in the future when we may be able to see God, because we will live forever as He does. We will learn more about this in later lessons.

What is His name?
God is referred to as Heavenly Father

God has used many names. In English, we usually say “God”, “Lord” or “Father”. The Jewish people called God “Yahweh”, “Jehovah”, “Elohim” or “Adonai”. Each name has a special meaning. Each meaning tells us something about God, and what He is like.

Lord is an old English word that means a man who owns land. If you live in a rented house, you pay the rent money to your “landlord”, that is, the person who owns the house.

Jesus Christ is God’s Son. He showed us what God was like. If we study Jesus, then we can learn more about what God is like.

What is God doing?

God made this earth many years ago. One day He will make this earth a wonderful place where people can live in peace. The Bible tells us about that time to come. The earth is a sad place now — people do not live in peace.

God does not want this earth to be a sad place. God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to change the way people are — to make them children of God. One day soon, Jesus will be ruler of the earth, and all those who are children of God will be there.

Turn to John 3:16-17 and see one of the most important verses in the Bible.

God loves you. He wants to be your father. He wants to care for you. What we have to do is answer Him — read the Bible to find out how we can answer Him, and how we can worship Him.
God cares for us all.