How the World Was Made

Have you ever made anything? All of us have made something. Say you are going to make dinner. How do you do it? What steps do you take to make your dinner?

Step 1. You have to decide what you want to eat.
Step 2. You have to find a recipe and decide what is needed to make it.
Step 3. You have to get the ingredients.
Step 4. You make the meal and if you do it right, it tastes good.

Lesson 5

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Therefore, to make something successfully, you need to follow a plan. Everything we see around us had to be designed by someone. When you look at a motor car, you know that many people helped to design it. They decided that the car needed doors, windows, wheels and an engine. Others drew very detailed pictures. Others worked out what pieces were needed – metal, plastic, glass and rubber. Others got the pieces and put them together to make the finished motor car.

Who designed the world?

So what about our world; who designed and made it? Have a look at the first chapter in the Bible – Genesis chapter 1.
Therefore, we can see that God was there right at the start of the Bible. He made everything. He made the earth; He made the sun and the stars. He made all the plants and animals. You can read the rest of Genesis 1 to find out how God made everything.

The Earth

Look at the following verses and see what they say about God the Maker:
Isaiah 44:24
Isaiah 45:18
Psalm 8:3-5
Acts 17:24-25
God planned the world so that life would continue. Humans, animals and plants all reproduce themselves. He created humans to care for the earth and to live in harmony with His creation. There many different ways the earth, plants, animals and humans need each other to be able to live. For example, we need plants to give us oxygen gas to breathe; plants need carbon dioxide gas from us so they can live.

The Sun gives life to the Ezrth

The sun warms our earth, and so we live. However, if we lived on the planet Mars we would be too cold – we would die by being frozen. If we lived on the planet Venus, we would be too close to the sun’s heat and we would die by being burned up. However, God placed the earth in just the right position. However, He did more. He made the earth spin so that it would not have a hot side and a cold side. He made the earth tilted, so that all parts of the earth would have a warm part of the year and a cold part of the year. God made the moon so that it would reflect the sunlight. The moon also makes the seas on earth move up and down (tides) to keep them fresh.


• God made the world for a reason. He wants to fill the earth with men and women who love Him. See Isaiah 45:22-23.
• He gave us life – should we not find out what He wants us to do?
• Anything that is made needs a designer and a plan.
• The World was designed and created by God. It is made of complex systems that work together.
• We can look at the earth and see that a very powerful designer (God) made it. God loves us and wants us to love Him in return.

Further Reading:

        Revelation 21:3-4
        Habakkuk 2:14
        Psalm 72
        Acts 17:24-31