Learn the Bible course

The following course is designed to teach someone who has little or no knowledge about the Bible. It contains 46 lessons covering a large area of the Bible both in the Old and New Testament. The notes are written in a easy to read way so that the student will slowly understand the message of the Bible.

The course also helps those who are learning English. How does the course help? Firstly, each lesson is read out in full so that you can learn how to pronounce words. Secondly, the lesson is available in a downloaded file so that you take away the lesson and make notes on it. Some of the downloadable files have information boxes to help understand difficult words.


1 Introduction to the Bible

2 The Old & New Testaments

3 Important People, Places and Times in the Bible

4 Who is God? Why believe in Him?

Creation to Moses

5 How the world was made

6 Adam and Eve – How things went wrong

7 Noah and the Ark

8 Abraham – Father of the Jewish People

9 God’s Promises

10 The life of Isaac

11 The life of Jacob

12 The life of Joseph

13 The life of Moses

Joshua to Queen Esther

14 Israel enters the promised land

15 The life of Joshua

16 The times of the Judges

17 The life of Ruth

18 David, the King of Israel

19 The life of Solomon

20 Queen Esther

The Prophets

21 What is prophecy?

22 Samuel, the Prophet

23 Elijah, the Prophet

24 Elisha, the Prophet

25 Jonah, the Prophet

26 Daniel, the Prophet

Jesus Christ

27 Jesus Christ – the Son of God – His birth

28 Jesus Christ – the Son of God – His Life

29 The teachings of Jesus Christ

30 The miracles of Jesus Christ

31 Jesus talks about prayer

32 The parables of Jesus Christ

33 The parable of the lost son

34 The parable of the Good Samaritan

35 Jesus Christ – the Son of God – His Death

36 Jesus Christ – the Son of God – His Resurrection

37 Jesus is coming back – are you ready?

38 What will happen when Jesus’ returns?

The Apostles

39 The Early Church and the work of the Apostles

40 Paul, the Apostle

Answers to questions you may have

41 What is baptism?

42 What is prayer?

43 Who are the Christadelphians?

44 What does the Bible say about relationships?

God’s plans for this world

45 God will judge the world

46 God’s plan to save you