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As we live our lives we are faced with many issues that make us stop and think. We may even worry about what we should do in a particular situation. Fortunately, there is a book that will assist you in leading your life successfully. This book is the Bible.

Have a look at what the Bible says about the following day to day issues that we may face.

Please choose a topic from this summarised menu or go to the detailed menu for a brief synopsis about each topic.


1 Luck 2 Relationships





5 Worry 6 Suffering


Gossip 8 Careers and Employment
9 Honesty 10 Friends 11 Coping with failure 12 Leisure Time
13 Pride and Humility 14 Marriage


Materialism and Idolatry 16 Blasphemy
17 Anger 18 Love 19 Faith 20 Forgiving one another
21 Loneliness 22 Breaking Habits 23 Repentance 24 Sexual Morality
25 Peer Pressure 26 Parenting and children 27 Procrastination 28 Depression
29 Fear 30 Leadership and Management 31 Guilt 32 Self control
33 Self confidence 34 Rejection


Teamwork 36 Temptation
37 Human Habits 38 Purity 39 Security 40 Baptism


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