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Welcome to the Bible-based crossword page!!

All crosswords on this website are designed around themes. There are two main groups of themes:

Course lessons

These crosswords are designed around the lessons in our "Learn English" course on this website. Click here to view the course. The goal is to have a crossword for each lesson in the course. The crossword for each lesson uses only words from that lesson. For example, the answers for the lesson 1 crossword are all words used in the text of lesson 1. It is a fun way to test yourself to see if you understand what was taught in that lesson!

Depending on how confident you are, you can try the smaller quick crossword or take up the challenge and attempt the more difficult large crossword.

General Biblical themes

These crosswords will be based on specific themes of the Bible. They will fall into one of three categories:

  • Easy - a person with a basic knowledge of the Bible should attempt these.

  • Intermediate - designed for those with a fair understanding of the Bible.

  • Difficult - should be attempted by people who have been reading the Bible for many years and have a good knowledge of the people, stories and teachings in it.

How to use the crosswords

The crosswords on this website are fully interactive. This means you can type the answer directly into the relevant squares of the puzzle on the webpage. The answers are also available on the website:

  • press "Reveal letter" button to give the correct letter for the square you are in

  • press "Reveal word" button to give the correct word for the squares you are in.

  • press "Solution" button to give the solution for the whole crossword puzzle.

On each page there is also the option to print off the crossword so you do it later on.

To start, choose the crossword you want to do and then press the crossword photo in the relevant box.

Course Lessons

Lesson Quick Challenging

Lesson 1

General Biblical themes

Theme Easy Intermediate Difficult

Books of the Bible


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