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The Bible tells us what is about to take place on this Earth...

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In the future, a string of events will take place that will eventually lead to the establishment of a new kingdom on this earth. The Lord Jesus Christ warned his disciples that they must watch the signs that indicate that his coming is near.

1 The Return of Christ

The first event that will happen in the future is that Christ will return to the earth and resurrect the dead (who had been believers) Along with the raised dead, the living believers will all meet Christ at the place of judgment.




The sun, clouds, rain and sea are all symbolic of the future world. This article explains what each of these mean so that we can see a beautiful picture of what will happen in the near future.




The Bible tells us that only those regarded as "responsible" will be go to the judgement seat at the return of Christ. All others will remain in the grave and not be raised. This article explains who fit into the group known as "responsible". Are you "responsible"?




The Bible tells that there will be a resurrection of the dead at the return of Christ. But what actually happens at the resurrection? In what form will people be resurrected from the dead? What does it mean from a spiritual perspective?

2 Still to come  


3 Still to come  


4 Still to come    
5 Still to come    
6 Still to come    
7 Still to come    
8 Still to come    
9 Still to come    
10 Still to come    


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