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If you live in Sydney, Australia you are welcome to attend our Conversational English class. In this class you will be allocated a tutor who will assist you in speaking better English by using our specially prepared Bible-based notes. The course is free - there is no charge to attend.


Christadelphian Ecclesia (Church)

Corner Shaftesbury and Paisley Rd.


Sydney, Australia


Sundays during the school term

Time: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Click class schedule to view a detailed listing of classes for the second half of 2015.


The Program

6:00 pm

Introductory talk

6:20 pm

Sit with a tutor as he/she teaches you conversational English using our specially prepared course notes.

7:15 pm

Session with your tutor finishes

7:20 pm

Enjoy supper with your classmates and tutors. As you speak to others over a cup of coffee, practise the English you have just learnt !!

8:00 pm

Class finishes


Special session every Sunday

If you like singing then please come early at 5:30 pm. We have 30 minutes of singing Bible based songs and hymns before the English class starts at 6:00 pm.


Course notes

The lesson notes used in the course can be viewed by clicking here.


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Last Updated: Sunday, 02 August 2015