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What is a Potluck lunch?

Potluck lunch is where people come together and each person (or group of people) puts in a dish of food so that it can be shared among the group. The dishes are large enough to be shared among a large number of guests.

It is an efficient way of simplifying the meal planning and distributing the costs among the group. Potluck lunches are a great way to socialise with other members and visitors.

Potluck lunch at our ecclesia

Usually we have the Pot Luck lunch on the third Sunday of each month (but please check the schedule below for the upcoming dates). It commences after the memorial meeting has finished, from 1:00 pm to about 2:30pm (click here to find out more about memorial meetings).

Upcoming Potluck lunches

19 July 2015

18 October 2015


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