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Each year the ecclesia leaves Sydney for the weekend to enjoy a refreshing time of Bible study, fellowship and relaxation together. The weekend is made up of Bible talks, social activities, talking to other attendees and enjoying meals together.

The view from Stanwell Tops of Stanwell Park beach

To give a example of what happens in the family camp, this is what took place at the 2010 family camp:
We arrived at the Stanwell Tops venue on Friday night.
On Saturday morning there were two studies on the believers in Corinth in the first century and the various issues and problems they had to overcome. We were shown by the speaker how we today can learn from Corinth and become united and continue to grow as we wait for the Kingdom.
On Saturday afternoon we headed down to Stanwell Park beach for a swim and also walked along the

Seacliff Bridge which offers magnificent views of Australia's beautiful coastline. On Saturday night, we had a great variety night of trivia, games and competitions. Everyone came dressed up in amazing costumes representing their team colour.
Sunday morning was a good time to relax in conversation with friends. Later in the morning we had the memorial meeting where we remember Jesus and the sacrifice he made on our behalf.
After lunch we packed up and headed home.

The next family camp

The next camp will be in 2017.

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