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When it is on

Every Sunday from 6:00 to 7.15pm except during school holidays.
The class is then followed by supper which finishes at 8:00pm.

For information about when the class is on over the next six months please click here.

What happens in the class

On Sunday evenings we conduct a Spoken English Program based on the Bible. This is an exciting meeting as the classes are very popular, and we regularly have the opportunity to talk to a large number of visitors about the Bible and also teach them English. We get people from many nationalities attending.

Each class begins with a song, prayer, and 5 to 10 minute introductory talk, then students split off with individual tutors (members of this ecclesia and others who give support) for an hour. During this hour the introductory talk may be discussed or the English course notes may be used. It is a good way to practise speaking English. A program is run concurrently for the children.

A half hour period prior to the class is an opportunity for visitors to sing songs with us, practicing English in this way.

The class also provides an opportunity to build new friendships with others who attend the class. There are people from many different cultural backgrounds but they all have the same need for the message of Jesus.

For more information about the class click here.

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