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How prophecy proves the existence of God

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Prophecy - the guiding light to God's plans

For those who have little or no previous contact with God, prophecy can be of great interest as it links predictions of future events recorded in the Bible to actual events that have taken place in the world around us. Prophecy which has been fulfilled in our own age and relating to familiar events is a dramatic way of getting the attention of men and women.  

As man gets lost among the immediate detail and events of his life, where everything seems important, prophecy provides the guiding light as to what really is important.

And we have the word of the prophets made more certain, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.  2 Peter 1:19

As the events of history unfold, it is good to look at these events as they fulfill the prophecy in the Bible and they show God's plan for this world being achieved.

Prophecy - the gift of God

Prophecy only comes from God in heaven, Who is all powerful, is in control and knows all things. God used prophecy because He wants to make Himself and His purpose known. And so prophecy becomes a important part of His Word (in the Bible) which is intended for our benefit and to demonstrate both the power of God and the inspiration of the Bible.

The Bible puts a lot of emphasis upon prophecy in the sense of the prediction of future events. One of the purposes behind this gift of God is that it should prove he exists, and this would in turn stimulate and support our belief in Him and in His inspired Word (the Bible).

The wide application of prophecy

One of the amazing things about Biblical prophecy and its fulfilment is the wide compass of prophecy. It sees the future of particular nations; of individuals when they have some fundamental or important role in God's purpose; of cities; of categories of people; of the earth on which we dwell. Prophecy also applies to many different times in the history of the earth from thousands of years ago right through to the future ahead of our current time. The result of this diversity is a wide base for prophetic appeal, and a message of the reality of God which is relevant to men and women in many different ages and countries.

Israel in prophecy - proof that God exists

God made Israel his special people. This is why they are so often in prophecy.

Out of all the nations, Israel is the most often in prophecy. This is because God made them His special people. A lot of his plan for this world is carried out through the nation of Israel.

Prophecy shows the power of God controlling the nations, but the history of  Israel has been a major witness to Him. When we examine the prophecies related to Israel we see them building up stage by stage to a full picture of Israel's destiny. The prophecies related to Israel and the fulfilment of those prophecies show them as God's continuing witnesses. They are a powerful way of showing that God exists. In Isaiah chapter 34 it says:

Ye [Israel] are My witnesses, saith the Lord...that ye may know and believe Me, and understand that I am He

This shows the emphasis by God placed upon the witness of Israel and its place in prophecy.

The modern state of Israel was declared in 1948


The return of Israel to their land and the setting up of the State of Israel in 1948 was something special. For this had been predicted in prophecy thousands of years before. When we consider that this was the subject of prophecy so many years before the event, the probability of the complete prediction being fulfilled is extremely remote. Yet it was fully fulfilled. God's hand must have been behind the events. So the prophecies of Israel's return and the rebuilding of the land have been fulfilled, and are irrefutable evidence of their being God behind the scenes controlling their destiny.


For those in the world who question the existence of God, then prophecy is a great way to answer their doubt. Such events as the return of Israel to their land, a event predicted thousands of years earlier, prove beyond a doubt that God is behind the scenes controlling not only Israel but all nations.

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