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Our goal is to help you learn English by looking at the Bible. We are offering a 46 lesson course. Please commence at lesson one and make your way through the lessons at your own leisure. To receive the full benefit from these lessons you will need a Bible.

There are many learning features offered with these lessons, please see the table to the right for more information. If you have any questions then please contact us. Don't forget that some of the lessons can be read out for you by clicking the special icon!


Introduction to the Bible

Lesson 1

Introduction to the Bible

Lesson 2

The Old & New Testaments

Lesson 3

Important People, Places & Times in the Bible

Lesson 4

Who is God?  Why believe in Him?

The Old Testament

Lesson 5

How the world was made

Lesson 6

Adam and Eve  -  How things went wrong

Lesson 7

Noah and the Ark

Lesson 8

Abraham  -  Father of the Jewish People

Lesson 9

God's Promises

Lesson 10

The life of Isaac

Lesson 11

The life of Jacob

Lesson 12

The life of Joseph

Lesson 13

The life of Moses

Lesson 14

Israel enters the promised land

Lesson 15

The life of Joshua

Lesson 16

The times of the Judges

Lesson 17

The life of Ruth

Lesson 18

David - the King of Israel

Lesson 19

The life of Solomon

Lesson 20

Queen Esther

The prophets in the Old Testament

Lesson 21

What is prophecy?

Lesson 22

Samuel - the Prophet

Lesson 23

Elijah - the Prophet

Lesson 24

Elisha - the Prophet

Lesson 25

Jonah - the Prophet

Lesson 26

Daniel - the Prophet

New Testament - The life of Jesus Christ

Lesson 27

Jesus Christ  -  the Son of God  -  His birth

Lesson 28

Jesus Christ  -  the Son of God  -  His Life

Lesson 29

The teachings of Jesus Christ

Lesson 30

The miracles of Jesus Christ

Lesson 31

Jesus talks about prayer

Lesson 32

The parables of Jesus Christ

Lesson 33

The parable of the lost son

Lesson 34

The parable of the Good Samaritan

Lesson 35

Jesus Christ  -  the Son of God  -  His Death

Lesson 36

Jesus Christ - the Son of God - His Resurrection

Lesson 37

Jesus is coming back  -  are you ready?

Lesson 38

What will happen when Jesus' returns?

The New Testament - The acts of the Apostles

Lesson 39

The Early Church and the work of the Apostles

Lesson 40

Paul - the Apostle

Life as a believer in God

Lesson 41

What is baptism?

Lesson 42

What is prayer?

Lesson 43

Who are the Christadelphians?

Lesson 44

What does the Bible say about relationships?

Lesson 45

God will judge the world

Lesson 46  God's plan to save you


ways to learn English from these lessons



You can hear the full lesson read out for you. This will help you hear the correct pronunciation of words. To hear the lesson press one of the following symbols in the lesson: or . See the "Help for playing audio files" page for more information.


Words in each lesson which the student may have more difficulty in pronouncing have a audio file attached to it. The purpose being that the student can hear the word pronounced and then practice speaking the word. These words which have a sound file attached are marked by the symbol X immediately following it. Press this symbol X to hear the pronunciation of the preceding word.


Particular words in the lesson which may be more difficult to understand will have full meanings displayed. Any word with the symbol 4 immediately following it will have a definition box in the right hand column.


Syllabication is used for any words which fall under items 2 and 3 above. In the right column each of these words will be divided into syllables to assist with pronunciation of the word.














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