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We look at lists of facts taken from the Bible and add accompanying commentary to help learn more about the message from the astonishing book we know as the Bible...

  Title Description PRESS PICTURE
1 7 pillars of wisdom

The Bible describes seven pillars of wisdom. They are seven ways we can become wiser in the way we deal with things in our lives.

2 7 things God hates

Listed in the Bible are seven things relating to man which God hates - they are impure and unclean. Things we need to avoid. 

3 10 memorials

God felt that particular people or events were so important that men and women should be continually reminded about them, and he did this through the memorial. 

4 8 blessings

Jesus spoke of eight blessings which would be given to those with certain characteristics. Christ already perfectly exhibited these eight characteristics.

5 6 cities of refuge

The cities of refuge were places where particular sinners could seek protection. In a symbolic way, they teach that the salvation of Christ is where we can seek protection.

6 7 ways to improve our character

The Bible teaches seven principles which will mould and shape our character to improve it. These will deepen our character and make our lives a lot more stable.


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