Other activities

Events for the second half of 2022

Music with a Message – Event 1

Saturday 15 October 2022 – 4:30 to 7pm
86A Shaftesbury Road (corner Paisley Road) Burwood NSW

“Be Excellent to each Other”
KEY takeaway: Be an awesome person. Look for opportunities to do good for your fellow humans.

Music with a Message – Event 2

Saturday 22 October 2022 – 4:30 to 7pm
86A Shaftesbury Road (corner Paisley Road) Burwood NSW

KEY takeaway: Seek to live your best life and embrace community through the freeing notion that some constraints are a privilege rather than a burden.

Burwood Festival
Puppet show at Burwood Festival

Every year the community in the suburb of Burwood celebrates the onset of spring by putting on a festival. Over the years it has developed into one of Sydney’s biggest and most vibrant urban festivals. It is held in Burwood Park and attracts thousands of people. There is usually many stalls selling food, plants, etc. There are also rides for the children like climbing wall, slide and jumping castle.

Each year, the ecclesia has a stand at the festival. We use it to tell the people of the Burwood community about God and the Bible. One of the things we do at the stand is put a puppet show on. The puppet show is a fun way of telling stories from the Bible. It also teaches some simple Bible principles to the children.

The next Burwood festival will be on Sunday, 9 October 2022.

Events for 2023

Family camp

Each year the ecclesia leaves Sydney for the weekend and enjoy the refreshing time of study, fellowship and relaxation together. The weekend is made up of Bible talks, social activities, talking to other members of the ecclesia (and non-member friends) and enjoying meals together.

To give a example of what happens in the family camp, this is what took place at a previous family camp:

The view from Stanwell Tops

We arrived at the camp located at Stanwell Tops on Friday night.

On Saturday morning there were a couple of studies on the ecclesia at Corinth in the first century and the various issues and problems they had to overcome. We were shown by the speaker how the modern ecclesia can learn from Corinth and become united and continue to grow as we wait for the Kingdom.
On Saturday afternoon we headed down to Stanwell Park beach for a swim and also walks along the Seacliff Bridge which offers magnificent views of Australia’s beautiful coastline. On Saturday night, we had a great variety night of trivia, games and competitions. Everyone came dressed up in amazing costumes representing their team colour.

Sunday morning was a good time to relax in conversation with friends. Later in the morning we had the memorial meeting where we remember Jesus and the sacrifice he made on our behalf.

After lunch we packed up and headed to our respective homes.

The next Family Camp will be …..to be advised.