Ecclesial Aspirations

We aspire to live up to the name “Christadelphian” which means brothers and sisters in Christ. By grace we strive to be the House of God and the body of Christ in our area. We are a Bible based group who share a common belief in God. We seek to support and encourage each other in our faith, and be a light to those in the community around us.

WorshipWe acknowledge our love of God and His son, and offer God praise and worship.
GrowthWe seek the spiritual development and nourishment of all members, and encourage and guide our children and visitors towards conviction and baptism.
WitnessWe share the hope of the return of Jesus Christ, and the coming Kingdom, with our local community and testify to those with whom we come in contact.
CommunityWe provide a Godly social environment involving every member, visitor, young person and child to build a people for God’s name.
CompassionWe reflect the love of God by showing care and compassion to one another and to those in the community around us.

We support the wider Christadelphian community in these objectives both locally and overseas including direction of the Christadelphian Indian Children’s Homes.